Technology pioneered at the UC Berkeley AI Research Lab

We Build the State-of-the-art LLMs for Agents

An open-source model that is commercially viable and surpasses GPT-4 in function calling capabilities, all while being 100 times smaller in size.

Ranked #1 among 7B models based on human evaluation in the Chatbot Arena, powered by research at the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab

Nexusflow Solution

Powered by Compact Models, for Your Ownership

What Sets Nexusflow Solution Apart?

Complete Ownership, Complete Control

Built on top of commercially usable models that operate behind your firewall. No vendor lock-in. You control your data.

Empower Your Agent Development Cycle

Domain specialization enables superior quality on knowledge synthesis, software operations, and safeguarding your generative AI. Continuously and automatically incorporates the latest knowledge, tools and feedback.

Low Cost, Real-Time Responses at Scale

Delivers genuinely interactive response times, with a significant cost reduction when compared to proprietary models.