Technology pioneered at the UC Berkeley AI Research Lab

Revolutionize Cybersecurity with Generative AI


Engage with Nexusflow Solution through a single conversational interface, converting instructions into insights from all your tools and knowledge. Delivered with generative AI security ensured.


Harness the power of Nexusflow Solution to synthesize fragmented data from various knowledge sources and software tools, speeding up your team's decision making.


Instruct Nexusflow Solution in plain English to operate evolving security tools, avoiding steep learning curves and misconfigurations. Guardrail generative AI security in orchestrating knowledge sources and software tools.

Nexusflow Solution

Powered by Open-source Models, for Your Ownership

The Next Era of Cybersecurity

Unlock the Full Potential of Security Products

Nexusflow Solution’s unified conversational interface simplifies software configuration, integration, and usage.

Supercharge Security Operations

Nexusflow Solution streamlines detection, investigation, response, and remediation.

Safeguard Your Generative AI

Nexusflow Solution protects you from jailbreaking, prompt injection, and data leakage.

What Sets Nexusflow Solution Apart?

Complete Ownership, Complete Control

Built on top of commercially permissive, open-source models that operate behind your firewall. No vendor lock-in. You control your data.

Tailored to Security Tasks, Delivering Unmatched Quality

Domain specialization enables superior quality on knowledge synthesis, software operations, and safeguarding your generative AI.

Automatically Synthesized, Always Up-To-Date

Continuously and automatically incorporates the latest security knowledge and tools.

Low Cost, Real-Time Responses at Scale

Delivers genuinely interactive response times, with a significant cost reduction when compared to proprietary models.